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Who am i.

I'm a Palestinian Jordanian seasoned artist and practitioner of experiential learning, a dynamic culture & programme manager, curator, producer, photographer. My journey spans Switzerland, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, where my focus lies in collaboratively addressing societal issues through art in public spheres.

Currently, I'm residing in Basel City, working in Zurich with DROSOS Foundation as a programme manager, overseeing trans-formative cultural and social initiatives in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

My curatorial life is paved with collaboration, connecting diverse cultural entities, artists, and communities to execute a variety of captivating projects.

Outer Realms

Here is a compilation of selected projects that I have curated and produced in recent years. These ventures, realized through collaboration with artists from various corners, have involved partnerships with organizations and co-producers spanning the world. Executed in public spaces, these interventions have been a focal point of diverse initiatives, including the Baladk Street Arts Project—an flagship initiative organized under the auspices of Al Balad Theater in Amman. Additionally, they encompass The World Reversed, an art-centric public intervention project orchestrated by Riwaq Palestine, among other notable endeavors. 

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