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Human seeds by Vertigo Graffiti 

Amman, May 2019


Curated by Muath Isied, the Colombian graffiti crew Vertigo created a mural in Amman's suburb Marj el Hamam, as part of Baladk Festival in Amman, Jordan, 2019. -Image courtesy of Muath Isied.


Vertigo Graffiti, the Colombian crew of four urban artists, gave us a reflection of humanity in Marj El Hamam, depicting some common ground shared by our two countries. Their mural, called Human Seeds, is a conversation between the Jordanian and Colombian culture. Commenting on the mural, Vertigo told the local magazine, artmejo:

''For us, it’s very important to create a monument in order to celebrate the importance of farmers in our countries. So the character is Jordanian, but the surroundings are of Colombia, which is a famous forest called the Valley of Cocora. So we tried to integrate something from humanity that both Colombians and Jordanians share.''

The mural, titled Farmers around the world are life providers. They nourish the earth by taking care of their plants and give us all the chance to feel the essence and savor of the countryside through the food they grow. This artwork is a celebration of a nowadays neglected and disparaged profession, which nonetheless has a paramount role both in Jordan and Colombian culture. It invites us to realize about the intimate human bond that exists between our nations displaying a Jordan farmer as the main character along with one of the most symbolic landscapes in Colombia as background: El Valle del Cócora.

Back in 2009 Vertigo Graffiti was created in Bogotá, Colombia after the growing scene of Street Art in the World. The idea was very simple: To create a conversation among a number of artists with bast experience in the streets -gathered with professors and enthusiasts-, private companies and public institutions. Initially the goal was to explore new landscapes for the artists and professors and establish new forms of communication with the most important audience: the everyday walking people.

This communication started with the execution of big murals in different cities with important and strong messages around racism and violence and different and forgotten daily characters like homeless people and grandmothers. These murals were executed in a number of cities in Colombia Bogotá, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Cali, Miami, Ankara, Antwerp and recently in Amman.

Vertigo Graffiti - Colombia.jpg

Image by Muath ISIED

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