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The World Reversed

Palestine - 2021 - 2022

Art that mimics the place. From the period of November 2021 until the end of July 2022, Riwaq Palestine in partnership with Al-Balad Theater in Jordan, has worked on developing and implementing "The World Reversed" project in rural Jerusalem. We collaborated with a rich group of local and international artists under the curation of Muath ISIED to produce murals in Qalandiya and Al-Jib.


These murals were the result of creative workshops facilitated by storyteller Fidaa Ataya and Saba Al-Labadi with different groups from rural Jerusalem communities. In these workshops, we tried to identify and reflect the most pressing social concerns in these areas, such as the relationship with public spaces and freedom of movement and play.

Artists involved in the implementation: Taqi Spateen, Caspar David aka Krashkid, Rani Sharbati, Julian Malland aka Seth Globepainter and Millo. The project is implemented in partnership with Qalandiya and Al-Jib municipalities, and is part of the Culture, Arts and Community Participation Project, co-financed by the A.M. Qattan Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

“The World Reversed” project aims to promote community participation through creative workshops, targeting different community groups including women, children and youth, in rural Jerusalem. These workshops are carefully curated to inspire the design and implementation of different murals in public spaces expressing the community’s struggles and concerns. This work is part of Riwaq’s "Life Jacket Project,” which aims to revitalize and develop rural Jerusalem.

Through its participatory approach, and by using the art of murals, the project aims to highlight the role of marginalised groups and to enhance local communities' ownership over their public and open spaces as common arenas for knowledge production and cultural interaction.


Pictures are taken by Muath ISIED

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