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Seth - Imagine Palestine

As I approached the curation of the project the World Reversed, organised by Riwaq Palestine, I immediately thought of the Parisian artist Julien Malland Aka Seth Globe-painter, knowing his artistic approaches that signifies imagination and curiosity. 

As a Palestinian myself, curating this work with Seth was the highlight of my career so far.  I worked with Julien in the rural Jerusalem areas of Al-Jib and Qalandia, spending 10 days in two historical uninhabited villages that some of them are being renovated by the Palestine based architecture conservation non-profit organisation Riwaq.

Julien Malland was born in Paris in 1972. He became Seth in the 90s when he began to paint in the streets of Paris, after graduating from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. A multi-talented artist and author, his artworks have been exhibited across the world.

Looking to open doors to people’s unconsciousness, their youth and their dreams, Malland’s works feature a reoccurring theme of childhood. Seth travels the world, collaborating with local artists to highlight their traditional practices and exchange ideas. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, he incorporates cultural elements into his art and turns the children into messengers of his investigations. Malland says he puts his characters into difficult social, political or geographical contexts to raise awareness on said issues around the world.

Visuals taken by Muath ISIED.

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