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Krashkid - Imagine Palestine

On the walls of a restored historical building in Qalandiya that is now being used by a group of local youth group, artist Krashkid (Caspar) painted a mural using his distinctive style of graphic characters with exaggerated proportions. The artwork expresses the breaking of barriers and the Apartheid wall surrounding Qalandiya and separating it from the rest of the other villages and towns.


This has made it difficult for loved ones to meet with each other after a long absence. The villages of Jerusalem are linked by historical relations with each other, but the policies of the occupation and the construction of the wall separated them from each other. In the artwork, you can see a girl who breaks these barriers and sets out for her life and her freedom. At that exact time, the flowers will bloom and the hourglass will travel around the world. The work also contains drawings from the landscape of Qalandiya.

Visuals taken by Muath ISIED.

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