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Togetherness by Krashkid

Amman, October 2021


Curated by Muath Isied, the Hamburger artist Casper David, aka Krashkid created a mural in Amman's suburb Hashmi as part of three mural series by the crew Guapo Sapos in Amman, Jordan, 2021.

Togetherness (n)– The state of being close to another person or other people. This mural highlights the impact of public togetherness. When cities offer its residents spaces in which they can come together, it connects us as humans to our surrounding spheres and to nature and bonds us more towards the shared spaces. Supporting more public parks within neighbourhoods means creating more connections and diversity.

Location: Ahmad Sedqi Al Jundi Street. Hashmi Al Shamali, Amman, Jordan.

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