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SETH - Imagine there are no walls.

Al Jib or al-Jib is a Palestinian village in the Jerusalem governorate, located ten kilometers northwest of Jerusalem, in the seam zone of the West Bank. The surrounding lands are home to Al Jib Bedouin.

The remains of Canaanite city of Gibeon are located on the south edge of the village, this is where I saw it first in the early months of 2022, and how it is positioned to overlook Jerusalem, some scattered settlements and the Tomb of Samuel.

On one of the ruins inside the villages, Seth and I decided to work on an installation instead of a painting, a 2D woord sculpture of a boy that can sit on top of the ruin and look towards Jerusalem that sits behind the wall that this boy and all the people in the village cannot pass. Imagining if there are no walls. 

Visuals taken by Muath ISIED.

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