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Home Arts Home Coming.


From the years of 2016, until 2021, I have been part of a project designed and managed by the Arab Theater Training Centre in Beirut to support the resilience of the young emerging Syrian refugees residing in Jordan and Lebanon.


My roles delved into the managing the project financially, administratively and preparing all the donor related reports and financial reporting

The project, titled ''Home Arts Home Coming'' is a project that is launched against the backdrop of the agonies and pains of war, displacement and the cruelty of life in Syria and the surrounding countries, and in the absence of hope of an imminent end of this war, and in light of the fact that 99% of humanitarian aid is dedicated to emergency support, the project strongly believe that a new line of support is urgently needed for independent culture and art because of the crucial role they play in supporting the persistence and courage of the Syrian people and give them hope in overcoming this hardship.


This project views art and culture as a basis and a springboard that will prepare Syrian society for the future in Syria or the host countries. Our work is based on pulling together all resources in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, to support the few remaining artists and cultural operators in and from Syria, to help sustain their work and support them to provide means for building resilience amongst youth and women in the neighbouring countries of Syrian Diaspora (Jordan and Lebanon) through providing story-based psycho-social support; training; encounters; productions; and performances. In this project we understand ‘resilience’ as the ability to thrive despite adverse experiences.


Resilience is not just an individual endeavour as we also seek to foster ‘community resilience’ which is achieved through developing cohesiveness within a set community and stitching the fabric of that community. In brief, this ability to thrive refers to people's capacity to feel safe, commit to a group and belong, develop their learning, cope with difficult feelings, help others, develop self-understanding and foster a sense of identity. All of these aspects can be addressed through arts.


Arts requires and simultaneously builds perseverance, patience, keeping one's calm despite the odds, confidence, public speaking skills, and how to adjust to changing environments. Resilience is a learned skill and takes a lot of practice. The performing arts in particular teach children and adults to bounce back from their mistakes because no matter what, "the show must go on!"

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