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HOMBRE SUK for STADT.WAND.KUNST at the BALADK Festival in Jordan

Amman, May 2018


Stadt.Wand.Kunst cooperates with Baladk Festival, local Mannheimer hero HOMBRE SUK together with Sören Gerhold, the managing director of the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim were invited to Amman by Muath Isied to take part of Baladk Street and Urban Arts Festival, the artist Pablo Fontangier flew to Jordan to create a mural in the district of Hashmi.

HOMBRE SUK is considered one of the most popular character painters in Germany. Growing up in Mannheim, where he also got into classic graffiti writing, over the years he developed an unmistakable style between comics, classic b-boy characters and realism, especially for his figurative pictures. His STICK UP KIDS crew brings together some of the most famous graffiti artists in Germany and is also considered one of the most outstanding crews in style and technology internationally. His paintings have meanwhile taken Pablo Fontangier to almost all important graffiti metropolises and he is a popular guest at the most well-known urban art festivals worldwide. As part of the BALADK culture festival, he has now designed a facade in the Hashmi district, which deals with the theme of "People" according to the festival's specifications.


Image by Sören gerhold.

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