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The e-sounds of Silence.

Mannheim, 2019

The world is changing: Sooner or later, silent electro-mobility will have replaced the noisy combustion motors of the past. Calm and peace will settle in. Well, not quite—legislation says e-cars have to make noise too. So what is that noise, and who gets to decide over it? In a first step, the project brings musicians from Amman and Mannheim together to investigate the sound of our e-mobile future. The results will be presented live in a performative concert involving several e-cars.

Konzept/Leitung: Tanja Krone und Muath Isied. Mit: Marie Speckert, Nairuz Al-Ajlouni, Friedrich Greiling, Georg Werner, Oliver Augst, Ziggy Has Ardeur, Amjad Shahrour u.v.a. Produktionsleitung: Ronja Losert.


Eine Koproduktion von Tanja Krone/One Hit Wonder, Muath ISIED Amman und zeitraumexit.


Gefördert durch den Internationalen Koproduktionsfonds des Goethe-Institut e. V.

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