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The Amman Berlin Project.

Amman and Berlin, 2021

Muath ISIED, Tanja KroneFriedrich GreilingNairouz AjlouniAmjad ShahrourMarie Lynn SpeckertGeorg Werner and Ronja Losert.

2h.22m or 142 minutes, is the time that sounds take to travel from Amman to Berlin and vice versa. Artists created six tracks that moved from one artist to the other every 142 minutes, so by the end of the week all artists have worked on eachother's track. The tracks, composed in collaboration of all the artists, covered sounds of freedom, sounds of isolation and missing sounds.

The 142 m/s workshop took place from everyone's home, from March 1st to the 5th, 2021 and sounds traveled from Amman and Berlin.

The development of the artistic format was updated to cover a variety of freedoms where artists created sounds in a circle with the other artists. The artists completed each other in a circular way of production, daily exchanges of sounds and working in circles, the six sounds artists (Nairouz Ajlouni, Amjad Shahrour, Marie Speckert, Georg Werner, Tanja Krone and Friedrich Greiling) created together sounds from both cities, Amman, and Berlin.

Tanja The Amman Berlin Project
00:00 / 03:09
GeorgThe Amman Berlin Project
00:00 / 02:50
NairouzThe Amman Berlin Project
00:00 / 04:55
MarieThe Amman Berlin Project
00:00 / 05:18
FREIDRICH The Amman Berlin Project
00:00 / 03:44
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