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Al Balad Music Festival


From the years of 2013, until 2019, I have had the privilege to work on one of the most interesting music festival in the MENA region, the Al Balad Music festival. in 2011, I used to work as a social media and PR officer for different Lebanese musicians and artists, most notibly Oumeima El Khalil and Marcel Khalife, to which then they introduced me to the Amman based Al Balad Theater, the home organisation of Al Balad Music Festival, the latter asked me if I would join their team for the 2013 music festival edition, which i gladly accepted, in the first year with Al Balad Music Festival, I managed all the PR related work, work ranging from issuing press releases, coordination with press, coordinating interviews and artists interviews over radio spheres, to manage press, influencers and invitees passes on the ground of the festival. 

Later in 2015 until late 2017, I changed my role and started coordinating the programme of the festival, around 65 musicians and band members flock into Amman from various regions and countries, my work focused on finalising contracts, coordination of flights, accommodation, internal transportation, receiving the artists, setting up the schedule of sound-check, coordinating with the stage management and making sure that everything is going smooth for both the music groups and the festival management to insure a fabulous night. 

In 2019, I was promoted to be the programs manager, the coordination of the festival programme, ensuring
logistics and requirements are managed effectively and all concerts run smoothly, To delivering a high quality, exciting and innovative music festival working alongside the Festival Director. As much as this role was a challenge, this role delved into all the festival logistics including communications and preparation, communicating with all partners, venues, artists and organisations while overseeing the team of the festival.

Al Balad Music Festival, “مهرجان موسيقى البلد” is a regional biennial Arabic music festival curated and organised by Al Balad Theater. The festival was launched in the city of Amman in 2009 to introduce established and emerging independent musicians and music groups from Jordan and the region to diverse audiences. The festival aims to provide a free space for promising and exceptional musicians to present their artistic work and experiences, offsetting restrictive political conditions and financial obstacles to retain the musical voice that we dream of. Over the span of five editions the festival has showcased more than 50 diverse and unique musical performances.

In addition to the daily concerts, the festival organise a platform for visiting and local musicians to encounter regional and international music producers and festival directors through speed meetings, panels, and talks to discuss the Arab music industry and alternative music scene, as well as exchange experiences, ideas, new works, and potential collaborations.

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